The Good News

Spiritual life is about living in a new relationship with God. God is the creator and source of life, and he created mankind to live in a personal relationship with him. We were made to know God, to let him be God in our life and to share and reflect his character. That's life! But, mankind has turned from God, and people have put themselves in the place of determining the meaning and course of life for themselves. By turning away from God, mankind has become corrupted and enslaved in sin.

God has placed in our hearts a sense of his judgment on sin and arrests us in our sin. Through our conscience we are made to keenly feel that we are wrong and that sin brings us under judgment. We now have to face the God of justice. Yes, we naturally struggle against God's judgment on us, but the attempt to evade God destroys us from within and is eternally fatal.

The good news is that God raised Jesus from the dead. Jesus is the Son of God, and that means that God relates to the world through him. In love, God gave his Son to die for our sins. Jesus' death is the only basis for God's forgiveness and new life for us who are under the just sentence of death. The good news of God calls us to confess our sins, bow to God's judgment on our sin and put our faith in Jesus Christ. In this new relationship, God's justice is established and we are forgiven. All sin is removed before God.

When we put our faith in Jesus Christ as our Lord, God gives us his Holy Spirit who makes real in our life our new relationship with him. Our church life is simply a fellowship in the life we share in Christ. But, we must remind people, to share in the fellowship of spiritual life, one must personally receive this life; and God will only give this life to those who put their faith in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins.

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Murrayville Community Hall
21667-48th Avenue
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Sun10:00 amWorship and Bible teaching
 11:50 amSunday School and Fellowship

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